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Trust is an essential component of any professional relationship, from the people we hire to the investment decisions we make. But trust must rest on a foundation of knowledge, and that’s why we founded Intelligo, to increase transparency in business and democratize trust.

Drawing on our experience in due diligence and research, and seeing the weaknesses in traditional methods, we set out to create a better background intelligence solution by leveraging the power of AI and Big Data. As a result, Intelligo makes businesses less susceptible to risk by finding the most accurate, timely, and actionable intel about companies and individuals.

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AI-driven background check startup Intelligo raises $22M

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This Company Could Have Saved Fyre Festival Investors Millions

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These Companies Leverage AI To Disrupt Background Checks. Yes, AI is a big part of it.

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Intelligo is using AI to make background checks relevant again

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