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“Clarity’s in-depth coverage and reliable results add tremendous value to our decision-making process. We feel confident moving forward knowing that our due diligence efforts reduce our risk exposure.”

“Intelligo Clarity Now helps our global team work more efficiently, quickly and with a high level of reliability, making it easier to interpret reports and share information.”

“I am not the most technological person in the world, and your system is the most important intuitive thing for me.”

US Investment Bank

Recently, Felicitas Global Partners considered investing in a global multi-billion dollar private equity firm’s latest fund offering as a limited partner. Thorough AI-powered background checks exposed one of the CEOs of the portfolio companies who had a tumultuous past, with numerous criminal charges, including theft, burglary, and murder.

“What we love about the Monitoring tool is that it enables us to make strategic decisions sooner rather than later. The live alerts keep us up-to-date with the latest developments and allow us to continue tracking activity after performing the background check.”

“We were searching for a solution that could deliver results quickly, without compromising on accuracy. Clarity’s expansive coverage, dependable results, and fast turnaround time far surpass that which we’ve seen from other background check providers.”



“Intelligo gives me the flexibility to tackle the nuances of due diligence quickly and efficiently. I switched to Intelligo to make my life easier.”

Large US University Endowment

“What I love about Intelligo is that they triangulate data from a number of different sources, ensuring that the information is accurate and providing a lot more detail on the report than other background check providers.”

“There are many companies that do what you do, but seeing you use AI and ML technology, makes you much more smarter, faster, and simply the best.”

One of the largest Fund of Funds in the US



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