Best Practices for
Due Diligence
Background Checks

A Best Practices Playbook

Background checks are a crucial part of the due diligence process—as they identify potential risks posed by a company or its personnel, laying out all the information before investors so they can make more informed decisions.

This best practices playbook is a resource to properly navigate this essential step in the due diligence process. It should equip investors with sufficient knowledge about using background checks to make well-informed decisions as well as provide insight as to how to best implement these practices.

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In this Playbook, you’ll find answers to things like:

Choosing the Right Type of Report

How do you know which type of report is best suited for your due diligence?

The Optimal Time to Run a Check

At what point during the due diligence process is it best to conduct the investigation?

Determining the Subject of the Background Check

How do you know who should be the subjects of your background reports?

Implementing Flags into Final Decisions

How should flags affect your decision-making process?

Best Workflow and Collaboration Practices

What are the best practices for integrating proper workflows?

Post-Investment Checks and Monitoring

What are post-investment best practices?

Background checks today are more advanced than ever before. When gathering due diligence for an investment opportunity, it’s necessary to understand the different types of background checks and the value they provide.

Ready for best practices

Complete transparency about the people with whom you would like to conduct business is vital to the success of any opportunity. For that reason, background checks on key decision-makers and organizations allow you to rest assured that your investment is in good hands. By gaining a better understanding of best practices regarding due diligence background checks, you can successfully implement proper due diligence procedures in your investment deal cycle—ensuring that all critical information has been gathered, reviewed, and deliberated before coming to a final decision.