Sentinel Capital Partners gain rich insights with comprehensive
Background Checks

The private equity firm uses Intelligo Clarity background checks as a tool to mitigate investment risk.


Sentinel Capital Partners is a private equity firm that specializes in buying and
building smaller middle market companies in the United States and Canada in
partnership with management. Sentinel targets consumer products, food and
restaurants, franchising, manufacturing, and service businesses. Sentinel invests
in management buyouts, recapitalizations, corporate divestitures and going-private
transactions of established businesses with operating profit of between $5 million
and $25 million.

The Challenge

Sentinel Capital Partners was spending large chunks of time reviewing background check reports, and still felt unable to truly derive meaning from them.

The private equity firm was searching for a background check solution that would give them a thorough review of their portfolio company executives, with a clear and intelligible analysis of any risk associated with them. Sentinel Capital Partners was also looking for a solution that would enable greater collaboration within the team, as often many team members would review the final report.

Most importantly, the private equity firm needed a way to double down on the reports and determine the data points that highlighted red flags, rather than simply receiving raw data without context.

“What I love about Intelligo is that they triangulate data from a number of different sources, ensuring that the information is accurate and providing a lot more detail on the report than other background check providers.”

Vincent Taurassi
General Councel, Sentinel Capital Partners


The Solution

Sentinel Capital Partners onboarded the Intelligo Clarity solution and immediately saw an improvement in their internal processing and review of reports. The sleek reports highlight critical or suspicious information with red and yellow flags to give Sentinel Capital Partners the tools to easily understand the character of their portfolio company executives and determine what their investment recommendations should be.

Intelligo Clarity reports give Sentinel Capital Partners the context of what information, beyond the obvious, points to patterns of suspicious behavior. This information is deduced based on both industry experience and an understanding of the flags that are of particular importance to the private equity firm. All information is summarized, categorized, and then linked in whole to their original sources, to provide Sentinel Capital Partners with all of the facts they need to derive meaning from the data.

Transparency and collaboration are enhanced as the team takes advantage of Intelligo Clarity’s share link abilities. Sentinel Capital Partners uses the feature to include all relevant parties in the review of the report, no matter where they’re located. The clear indication gained from the reports helps the due diligence team at Sentinel Capital Partners come to clear and accurate conclusions regarding their investment decisions.

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