Starr Investment Holdings use comprehensive Background Checks to assist with their Investment decisions

The firm uses Intelligo Clarity to evaluate management teams at prospective portfolio companies


Starr Investment Holdings, LLC (“SIH”) is a multi-billion dollar New York and Nashville-based investment adviser that leverages the Starr Companies’ unique duration-agnostic capital together with that of select institutions and family offices. SIH invests in privately-held technology-enabled services businesses with a particular focus on healthcare services as well as financial regulatory services. SIH partners with world class management teams, supporting them with flexible capital and strategic resources, with a particular focus on opportunities to deploy or expand investments in strategic software and data-driven opportunities to enhance customer solutions.

The Challenge

Starr Investment Holdings runs thorough background checks on the management teams at their prospective portfolio companies. However, due to the dynamic nature of deal closures, these checks need to be performed in a timely, yet comprehensive manner.

Starr found the process of running background checks with their previous provider to be clunky and cumbersome, often slowing down their deal cycle. The alternative investment firm needed a solution that would provide them with a comprehensive analysis of the management team they’re researching in a timely manner.

Starr places reputational risks as a high priority, so it needs a solution that gives them total assurance that they will be working with reputable management teams. Accuracy, above all else, is of primary importance to the due diligence team.

“Our experience with Intelligo is outstanding client service. We work with a lot of vendors, and the level of care we receive from Intelligo is very unique. Closing deals is a highly important time for us. In the moment we need Intelligo, they’re there.”

Vanessa Bondi
CFO and COO, Starr Investment Holdings



of reports found yellow flags


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The Solution


Starr Investment Holdings found a solution that was robust enough to fit their needs in Intelligo. Intelligo has the controls in place to provide Starr with background checks that have the highest levels of accuracy, by leveraging a combination of artificial intelligence and human intellect.

As an innovative, tech-focused firm, Starr was initially drawn to the cutting-edge
aspect of the technology and sleek interface of Intelligo Clarity’s platform. The team finds the user experience intuitive and enjoys the clear layout of the reports.
In terms of internal analysis, the team notes that the flags found on Intelligo’s reports, which enhance attention to critical information, greatly assist their internal review and ultimate investment decision. Vanessa Bondi, CFO and COO, noted that the flags are particularly important to senior management, who often review reports while on-the-go.

Finally, beyond the depth of the background check, Starr notes that the level of
attention they receive from Intelligo is above and beyond other vendors they’ve
worked with. “All year is spent working toward closing deals,” Bondi explained, “and Intelligo is receptive to our needs and always there for us when we need them the most.”

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