UVIMCO Leverages Background Checks to Conduct Dynamic Due Diligence

The endowment uses Intelligo Clarity to efficiently evaluate fund managers.


University of Virginia Investment Management Company (UVIMCO) invests the endowment and other long-term funds held by the University and its associated organizations in the Long Term Pool, which is custom-managed for the endowment spending requirements and risk tolerance of the University. UVIMCO also manages the Short Term Pool for the University and associated organizations with near-term liquidity needs.

The Challenge

UVIMCO recognized that today, it’s harder than ever before to conduct operational due diligence. There is an increasing amount of data available on fund managers, and for due diligence to be comprehensive, all must be reviewed and accounted for.

The endowment’s due diligence team was also feeling the burden that extended periods of wait cause. They would send off a request for a report and would then have to wait ten days to receive any results back, slowing down the team’s dynamic deal cycle. UVIMCO saw the value technology could add to the equation, in terms of turn-around time.

UVIMCO was also searching for a provider that would enable them to take an out-of-the-box approach to due diligence.

“Intelligo gives me the flexibility to tackle the nuances of due diligence quickly and efficiently. We switched to Intelligo to bring our process to new levels.”

Jeff Barnes
Senior Associate, UVIMCO


The Solution

UVIMCO began using Intelligo Clarity and was able to tap into the wealth of data that the reports provide. Intelligo’s background checks give insight to the sources crawled, ensuring access to all related information on the fund manager UVIMCO is researching.

Thanks to Intelligo’s digital SaaS platform, UVIMCO can take a dynamic approach to due diligence, that allows the team to run reports easily and quickly, at every stage of their deal cycle.



of reports found yellow flags


of databases checked


of reports found red flags

UVIMCO benefits from the Intelligo platform, which helps them efficiently review all of their background checks and which they use as a project management tool to keep a detailed log of who was run and what was found. The platform centralizes all of their data to easily share findings, creating a seamless due diligence experience. The due diligence team at UVIMCO also makes use of Intelligo’s LinkedIn chrome extension to review fund managers and streamline the background check processes.

UVIMCO leverages the flag feature of the reports as a second set of eyes and a sounding board to the meaning behind the data. This ensures that the due diligence team at UVIMCO is able to easily analyze and account for every piece of data and come to clear investment decisions

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