The Digitalization of Due Diligence

Technology Supporting Human Insight

Join Private Equity Wire, Intelligo and industry experts Jacob Comer, from NovaQuest Capital Management as, Dan Sullivan from Diligent Vault and Kevin Wilson from Intelligo as we explore how technology is supporting human insight for better analysis of target companies in ‘The ‘Digitalization’ of Due Diligence’:



  • What represents best practice at the moment and how have technology, covid and remote working changed the process
  • How to gain the upside of technology’s speed and efficiency, without losing the benefits of human insight
  • The importance of rigorous background checks and how engagement and management of results can be supported by tech
  • The evolution from software to platforms – enabling better and effective collaboration
  • How to optimize due diligence and use tech to integrate the different areas of focus
  • The rising importance of social media background checks – what can you learn about character and temperament of target company execs

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