Intelligo Increases Transparency on Wall Street with Ongoing Monitoring

Jan 15, 2021 | news

Traditionally, due diligence is limited to a background check. While critical, background checks look backward, alerting investors and employers to information that has already occurred. In an effort to increase transparency, Intelligo has developed a system that processes information as it occurs, so investment managers and employers are alerted to critical information, no matter when it develops. 

Intelligo, creator of Clarity, the only AI-powered SaaS platform for running comprehensive background checks, announced the launch of Ongoing Monitoring, a product that gives businesses a first-alert to sensitive information as it occurs.

Executives from the financial world to those in human resources have had to deal with the legal repercussions of fraudulent behavior. As such the need to run comprehensive background checks in an efficient and streamlined manner is becoming ever-more paramount. When background checks are conducted manually, it is not possible to monitor subjects in real-time. Red flags discovered at any point after the check has run are neither included nor considered. 

Intelligo leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer detailed background checks in a seamless and user-friendly web environment. The SaaS platform provides clients with detailed reports on individuals and companies, at a rate that is ten times faster than other providers.

The most recent addition to the Intelligo Clarity platform is Ongoing Monitoring. This new capability offers dynamic insights to critical information, including fraudulent or questionable behavior. 

CEO of Intelligo, Shlomo Mirvis explained, “Business today is dynamic and the due diligence that businesses perform must reflect that as well. We are committed to helping companies decrease their exposure to risk and believe that it is their right to evaluate new information the minute it comes to light.” 

Ongoing Monitoring notably reviews sanctions, watchlists, sex offender registries, corporate records, court records and databases, extracting noise to provide critical and relevant alerts. Thanks to significant advancements in AI & machine learning, Ongoing Monitoring is able to review tens of thousands of pieces of data effortlessly, connect dots, and extract meaningful analysis in real-time. Intelligo’s Ongoing Monitoring is another element in the company’s efforts to improve transparency and increase trust on Wall Street, and beyond.


Intelligo is the leading People and Business Intelligence company fusing AI and Big Data to digitalize the background check industry, enabling organizations to take secure and informed business decisions. Intelligo’s AI-powered solution suite Clarity, allows stakeholders including investors, financial institutions, and corporations to make fast, accurate intelligence-driven decisions, providing a 360° view of a person’s or a company’s reputation, legal and financial backgrounds, and its broader impact on trust and business risk. For more information visit:

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