Intelligo launches AI-powered real-time company monitoring to reduce investment risk

Jul 20, 2021 | news

Intelligo, a leading risk intelligence company offering AI-powered digital background checks, announced the launch of Clarity Live for companies, an automated system for real-time company intelligence monitoring. 

Intelligo provides the fastest, most comprehensive individual and company background checks by harnessing the power of AI automation. The SaaS platform provides clients with detailed reports on individuals and companies covering criminal, legal, regulatory, news media, and other online sources. A complete user dashboard offers full oversight of the background check process, including direct links to specific documents and data sources, so users can fully assess areas of concern.

However, any background check is only current on the day it was compiled. To safeguard investors against any new adverse information that could come to light, Intelligo developed the Clarity Live monitoring system. 

Clarity Live allows users to perform ongoing monitoring of an individual and, now, also a company. Alerts are sent as soon as any new data is found, allowing for immediate action to be taken, helping prevent investments’ future risk. The AI-powered monitoring ensures a better risk management assessment by providing a confidence score for each data point. The platform also helps reduce noise and false positives through keywords exclusion.

The new Clarity Live for companies solution was developed following customer requests to complement the existing Clarity Live solution, which provided monitoring for individuals. The addition of the new company monitoring solution gives customers a complete 360° view of the people and companies involved in their investments.   

Idan Gera, Intelligo’s VP Product, said, “The biggest challenge in company monitoring is to deliver all the relevant information while minimizing the noise. By using our advanced technology and vast experience, we were able to deliver a product that overcomes this challenge with great success”.


About Intelligo

Intelligo is a leading Risk Intelligence company fusing AI and Big Data to digitalize the background check industry, enabling organizations to make confident and informed business decisions. Intelligo’s AI-powered solution suite, Clarity, allows stakeholders, including investors, financial institutions, and corporations, to make fast, accurate intelligence-driven decisions, providing a 360° view of a person’s or a company’s reputation, legal and financial backgrounds, and its broader impact on trust and business risk.

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