Intelligo Launches New Collaboration and Customization Tools to Enhance Due Diligence Management

Oct 12, 2021 | news

New Features Continue Evolution From Traditional Background Checks to Digitized Decision Support

NEW YORK—October 12, 2021—Intelligo, a leading provider of AI-powered background checks and risk intelligence for financial services, today announced the integration of new features that make its flagship product suite, Clarity, an even more collaborative platform to streamline workflows for pre-investment and pre-hire decision making. With the new features, organizations can more easily view, react to, and share information across the organization while maintaining strict security and adhering to compliance requirements.

“The background check process conducted in legacy systems is complicated, non-transparent and requires significant time and resources,” explains Idan Gera, VP Product of Intelligo. “Instead, with these new features, Intelligo provides a ‘single source of truth’ where all relevant stakeholders can participate in the process seamlessly, which is critical for our core customer roster of investment banks, hedge funds and private investment firms looking for real business intelligence.”

The new features include:

Custom Flags that allow users to highlight certain findings that are particularly important to their due diligence decision making.

Commenting where users can write in their own insights on specific items and notify other colleagues about significant items.

In tandem, these two features enable all stakeholders to focus on the same set of critical issues and communicate directly on the platform, regardless of the number of people involved, reducing the need for supplemental emails and documentation.

AI Recommendations based on data collected previously from the system, which will help organizations capture more relevant information in order to minimize risk. For example, using data from similar entities in the system, Clarity can check and compare an entity’s public image and accordingly recommend whether to put the entity in monitoring in order to reduce the risk of previously unknown negative public exposure to the client

In addition, Intelligo users now have the ability to Remove and Approve items based on relevance to their decision-making process. This capability “teaches” the platform, improving the accuracy of the algorithm and customizing future searches to better align with each individual organization’s priorities and preferences.

“Having all of these collaborative and customization capabilities in a single platform allows our users to understand human capital information more easily, leading to a deeper understanding of their risks,” added Doron Dreyer, EVP Revenue of Intelligo. “This is the latest evidence of how Intelligo is leading a digital transformation in the world of background checks, enabling the world’s most respected financial services brands to hire and invest with confidence.”

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Intelligo is a leading risk intelligence company fusing AI and Big Data to digitalize employee and pre-investment executive due diligence, enabling organizations to make confident and informed business decisions. Intelligo’s AI-powered solution suite, Clarity, allows stakeholders, including investors, financial institutions, and corporations, to make fast, accurate intelligence-driven decisions, providing a 360° view of an executive or a company’s reputation, legal and financial backgrounds, and its broader impact on trust and business risk. For more information, please visit

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