Intelligo Launches New Social Media Analysis for Expansive Background Check Coverage

Jul 12, 2022 | news

This new feature demonstrates front-line innovation in the evolving scope of today’s due diligence practices. 

TEL AVIV—July 12, 2022—Intelligo, a leading provider of AI-powered background checks and risk intelligence for financial services, today announced the launch of its Social Media Analysis feature. The feature provides an in-depth analysis of adverse activity on a person’s public social media profile. The insightful sections give a comprehensive overview of risk-related content to gain a better understanding of the subject of a background check. 

“By expanding our coverage to include a social media analysis, we are providing our clients with the additional transparency required to make well-informed decisions,”  explains Idan Gera, Chief Product Officer of Intelligo. “Publicly shared adverse content on social media could be indicative of certain risk-related behaviors, which requires further consideration by any decision-maker, but especially for our core customer roster of allocators and fund managers.” 

The new feature includes:

  • A scope of coverage spanning either the last four thousand posts, likes, and shares or up to a decade’s worth of activity, whatever comes first (where available). 
  • An in-depth review of content to determine flag-worthy events such as hate speech, terrorism, the threat of violence, toxic language, etc.  
  • A demonstration of the posts, likes, and/or shares for further consideration. 

The motivation behind the development of the feature was to support more coverage than what could be accomplished with a manual search. For example, one of the highlights is the segment that shows how many times various risk categories were triggered by flagged content, depicting the frequency of the subject’s engagement with adverse activity on public platforms. This rapid and expansive investigation provides investors with a thorough overview of potential risks identified on public profiles, which is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s digital world. 

With the growing number of investors including a review of social media as part of their decision-making process, the Social Media Analysis serves as a valuable tool in evaluating and managing risks. This feature provides more expansive coverage to ensure that investors are gaining full transparency before making critical investment decisions.  

About Intelligo

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