Intelligo Research Finds More Than One Third of Executive Candidates Misrepresent Experience on LinkedIn Profiles

Oct 5, 2021 | news

More Pre-Hire and Pre-Investment Diligence Required to Gain Full View

NEW YORK—October 5, 2021—Intelligo, provider of a leading AI-powered background check platform for risk management, today announced new research that found more than a third of high-level executives on LinkedIn are misrepresenting their work and education experience. Intelligo leveraged its artificial intelligence (AI) platform to analyze 2,995 LinkedIn accounts.

Intelligo determined two primary areas for its research into ”LinkedIn Lipstick”—the catchall term for ways users modify, embellish, or omit certain information on their profile to put their best foot forward on the professional social media platform. These included 1) omissions in employment history and 2) falsifying education.

Using its AI matching engine and drawing upon additional publicly available data, Intelligo’s analysis found that well over a third (36 percent) of executive profiles LinkedIn did not include their complete employment history, with nearly one in seven (14 percent) actively deleted positions from their employment history over time.

In addition, 2.2 percent claimed education that could not be verified, with 1.3 percent removing education experience they had previously listed. Although a more modest number, it remains indicative of the issue that individuals being considered for C-suite positions are able to falsify their educational experience on LinkedIn, presumably assuming no one will check the accuracy of their account.

The new data inflects upon a confluence of two emerging trends in today’s due diligence. Ongoing adoption of remote work has reshaped the way many executives self-identify and market themselves while HR departments increasingly rely upon freely available online sources of personal data for due diligence. This is especially true of smaller and mid-size business that cannot afford the expense of traditional, manual background checks. Intelligo’s findings demonstrate how deeper analysis, verification and contextualization are required to create a complete and accurate view into a potential employee’s background.

“These results suggest that any company should enhance their approach to human capital due diligence, consider how they prioritize self-created online profiles in that process, and recognize the kinds of gaps they should be looking out for,” said Shlomo Mirvis, CEO and Cofounder at Intelligo. “LinkedIn is a good source of surface information but as this study shows, there is often much more beneath the surface to analyze, assess and resolve before making a critical hiring decision.”

Learn more about LinkedIn Lipstick and view the full Intelligo research results here.

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