Be as sure tomorrow

as you are today


Even the most carefully compiled risk intelligence report is only current the day it was compiled. In our ever-changing world, make sure that you are covered for future risk with ongoing monitoring. Clarity Live AI-powered monitoring alerts you as soon as any adverse information comes to light, for immediate action to be taken.

Intelligo Clarity monitoring alerts

Immediate risk alerts for your peace of mind

At any time new information could come to light that would significantly alter the impression of an earlier background check.

Clarity Live ensures an up-to-date risk management assessment, and sends you alerts  when adverse or sensitive data becomes available on individuals and companies alike.

“What we love about the Monitoring tool is that it enables us to make strategic decisions sooner rather than later. The live alerts keep us up-to-date with the latest developments and allow us to continue tracking activity after performing the background check.”

Samantha Kane
Director, Operational Due Diligence
Alternative Investment Management, LLC

AI working for you 24/7

Clarity Live AI algorithms constantly review thousands of datasets, remove false alerts, and identify patterns to find all relevant information, ensuring better risk management through a confidence score for each data point.


Criminal & Arrest Records

Civil Records

Sex Offenders

Bankruptcy Records

Corporate Registration Updates 


Adverse Media

Daily News Review

Global Sanctions


PEP & SOE lists

Clarity Live brings you:

Accurate results

Filtering out false information and keywords that could cause confusion or present misleading updates amidst piles of data.

Low noise levels

 Leveraging artificial intelligence to remove duplicates and alert only once for every new piece of  information.

Extensive coverage

Covering multiple data sources for each data type to make sure no relevant piece of information is missed.

Unparalleled user experience

Allowing the user to add and change flags, view data
sources, and manage the workflow process.

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