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Background Intelligence

Trust is a vital component of any professional relationship, especially when it comes to making sure that your investment is in trustworthy hands.

Clarity, our AI-powered risk intelligence platform, enhances your decision-making process by providing unparalleled background coverage and identification of red flags to help decision-makers avoid reputational risks & financial losses.

Reduce risk

Clarity harnesses the power of AI for in-depth reputational analysis across thousands of databases: criminal, legal, financial, sanctions, as well as news, social media, and other online sources, helping institutional investors, asset managers, private equity and venture capital firms, and other alternative investment classes mitigate risk exposure.

Reduce Risk
Save time

Save time

Faced with high-stake deals and tight deadlines, investors benefit from staying one step ahead before the pressure hits. Clarity instantly reviews millions of data points and extracts relevant data in record turnaround time, even for ongoing monitoring, providing actionable intel faster than ever.

Collaborate with others

Clarity’s collaborative platform is a one-of-a-kind solution for streamlining due diligence practices. With features that support sharing, tagging, commenting, and project management tools, colleagues can initiate productive discussions on red flags and critical issues directly on the platform.

Enhanced collaboration amongst team members, as well as the ability to organize reports according to investment deals, significantly improves workflows and increases productivity.

Collaborate with others
Hamilton Lane Generates Timely and Reliable Due Diligence Reports with the Help of Intelligo Clarity.
“In our business speed and accuracy are essential. The Clarity platform gives us thorough insights into an individual within hours of requesting the report.”

Matthew Barbato
Head of Operational Due Diligence, HAMILTON LANE

Individuals & companies

There are many stages of risk intelligence that go into making sound investment decisions. Clarity caters to all your operational due diligence needs, either analyzing a person’s background or a business and its affiliates.

Clarity offers intelligence on both, individuals and companies, each one covering the data sources you need to make a thorough investigation.

Clarity for investment due diligence offers you:

Digital, interactive reports both on individuals and companies

Red and yellow flags to indicate urgent and suspicious areas of concern

AI-powered data review of thousands of global sources

Links to the data sources behind flagged issues for customer review

Human analysis reviews (for comprehensive reports)

A collaborative, secure platform to manage the entire workflow

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