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Intelligo provides the fastest, most comprehensive individual and company background checks, by combining the power of AI with the analytic insight of human specialists.

Intelligo’s ‘RISK BAROMETER 2022’ features the main pre-Investment Risk Indicators and Insights –  LEARN MORE >

The foundation of your trust

Trust is a key component of any professional relationship. Comprehensive risk intelligence ensures that your trust is built on a solid foundation. Intelligo increases transparency and democratizes trust, by searching the most relevant information through millions of records and bringing you actionable data.

Due Diligence automation

We live in a digital age,

so should your due diligence

AI automation is bringing an unprecedented level of data to the due diligence process.

With the power to assess millions of data sources in minutes, Intelligo provides you a full review of criminal, legal, regulatory, news media, social media, and other public record resources.

A complete user dashboard gives you full oversight of the process, including backlinks to specific data sources and original documents, so you have all the information at your fingertips.

Background checks tailored to your business needs


The success of your investment rests on the company or fund manager you choose. Make informed decisions with comprehensive checks to ensure your trust is well placed.


Bringing on a new executive team member is a serious commitment. Be sure that your new hires have sound character, an impeccable reputation, and the integrity your business requires.


A due diligence report is only accurate to the point that it was created. Intelligo ongoing monitoring keeps you up-to-date and alerts you to any changes to the risk profile of the subject.


End-to-end background intelligence platform


The fastest insights with live alerts

Clarity’s AI-powered risk intelligence system will deliver preliminary results within hours.

The most comprehensive data sources

Clarity reviews thousands of databases: criminal, legal, financial, as well as news media, social media and other online sources.

An intuitive view of all your research data

Intelligo’s user platform gives you more than just a report. The interactive data offers an unparalleled view into all background information.

Covering over

data sources in every search

Companies of all sizes, from boutique firms to many of the largest global investment banks,  use Intelligo for all their background checks and ongoing monitoring needs.

thousands of data sources in Intelligo

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A beginners Guide to Background Checks in Operational Due Diligence

Before making any investment decisions, it’s essential to perform comprehensive operational due diligence to prevent organizations from financially devastating consequences. However, in today’s financial environment, operational due diligence needs to dig deeper than the standard checklist and include thorough background checks. The insights gained from a background check can give firms the confidence they need to make the most informed investment decisions.


Intelligo Risk Barometer 2022 –

Pre-Investment Risk Indicators and Insights

Intelligo’s annual Risk Barometer analyzes and identifies the top pre-investment risks disclosed on the background checks we ran in the past year as a reference for future due diligence and analysis. The insights are based on data from thousands of background checks on individuals who were reviewed by Intelligo’s background intelligence technology and expert analysts.


Social Media – Enhancing Due Diligence Background Checks

In today’s digital age, social media holds significant power, especially in the financial industry. An adverse online post can be shared in the blink of an eye, dragging an executive’s name through the mud and ultimately causing long-lasting reputational damage. Not only that but there are financial consequences that could ensue, such as investors pulling back. As a result, a social media analysis has become a key consideration for investment professionals during the pre-investment due diligence process.

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