The ABC’s of Due Diligence – How Intelligo’s services protect your business

By Jaime Getto
June 11, 2024
The ABC’s of Due Diligence – How Intelligo’s services protect your business

Whether you’re investing in the next big venture or hiring new employees, due diligence is an essential step in your business process. Protect your assets and reputation while gaining peace of mind with our suite of services that go beyond your basic background check. We’ll break down our scalable offerings to ensure you and your business have all the facts before making important decisions. Consider this your crash course.

Advantage – AI Powered, Analyst Proofed  Our due diligence services are powered by AI to ensure no stone is left unturned when vetting potential investments or hires. Once AI scrubs for information, our analysts take over, providing the necessary human touch to organize, dig deeper, and analyze the information, delivering a robust report that combines the latest technology with the trained eye of a professional analyst. It’s a win, win. 

Background Checks Suited to Your Needs We offer multiple types of background checks tailored to your unique needs and timelines. From our Clarity Advantage, our more traditional offering, pairing AI with human analysts to provide a deeper, faster, and more robust report in around five days to automated reports ready within a few hours we have a solution for all of your due diligence needs

Credit Checks Keep all of your background due diligence within the Intelligo platform, and order your credit checks together with your comprehensive background check. Through the platform you can order a soft credit pull on your subjects to round out your research and help you make the right decisions. 

Data Secure Dashboard While competitors rely on emails and lengthy PDFs to deliver results, Intelligo serves up all the information you need in a well designed, easy to use platform. Our dashboard puts you in control with the pertinent information available at your fingertips whenever you need it. No more weeding through pages of information or waiting for an email, we know your time can be better spent building your business. Our dashboard also takes a big step forward in data security. By avoiding sending sensitive information via email, we mitigate the risk of data breaches, hosting reports in our password protected dashboard that only you can access. 

Entities With new financial entities popping up daily, you’ll want to verify the legitimacy of the entity, guaranteeing your investments are safe and sound. By performing due diligence with Intelligo you can proceed with confidence and spot any red flags that indicate a fraudulent entity before it’s too late.  

Flag System Our editable flag system consists of yellow and red flags to aid you in digesting our reports from an objective perspective. Each business is unique and what may be a deal breaker for one is a non-issue for another. We believe in delivering our finds and flagging any potential problems without making judgment calls or providing a subjective opinion on how to proceed. Our job is to inform you of everything we find, and let you be the judge based on your one-of-a-kind business needs. 

GO! Need fast and furious results? We know business moves faster than the speed of light, so we’ve created GO, our speed demon due diligence report that provides automated reports for initial due diligence in about four hours. This economical option is perfect when you’re in a pinch and need quick, same day due diligence. You can always upgrade to another service or refresh at a later date. GO is fast and flexible so you don’t miss out on opportunities or doubt if you’re making the right move for your business. 

Half a Million Data Points By utilizing the latest AI technology in our background checks, we’re able to scrub half a million data points, arming our analysts with the most thorough and robust results. These data points are then analyzed and parsed out into a complete report relevant to your specific search. 

International Coverage Our checks are not limited to one country, and by working with on-the-ground-partners we are able to provide comprehensive global coverage anywhere you may be looking to invest.

Jurisdiction Confirmation You aren’t expected to know everything about your subjects before you run a background check and our team of analysts is here to have your back. When running an Advantage report, our team will confirm that you chose the most relevant jurisdictions for your subject and alert you if they recommend adding or switching jurisdictions to provide the most robust report. 

Keep Everything Organized Within the Intelligo platform you can keep everything organized to make your day to day that much easier. Organize your reports into projects, share reports to colleagues without user access of their own, comment and communicate directly within the platform, keep track of your packages, and more with the click of a button. 

Links to Sources Our research isn’t conducted in a black box, and together with the report we always share links to our source information. We want to empower you to make the best decisions for your firm, and sometimes that means sending you directly back to the source to take a look for yourself. 

Maintain Compliance Rest assured all our reports are compliant, guaranteeing you get the relevant information you need upheld to the industry standard and adhering to the guidelines set forth by the various governing bodies no matter the jurisdiction- GDPR, FCRA, and more!

NOW Our original automated offering, Clarity NOW provides a more robust list of checks than our speedy GO report and takes up to one business day to complete, perfect when you need real results fast. You can always upgrade to another service or refresh your search at a later date.  

Ongoing Monitoring Our Ongoing Monitoring offers continuous 24/7 monitoring completely powered by AI. You set it up once and the program runs on its own, with the ability to customize the parameters to your needs, ensuring accuracy and noise reduction. Customize your search so you get the exact information you need and nothing you don’t. 

Pre-Investment & Pre-Hire  We offer both pre-investment and pre-hire due diligence so you can confidently proceed with your day-to-day business, making informed decisions with peace of mind. By performing background checks you can avoid any surprises down the road, protecting your assets from fraud, financial crime, and theft.

Quality Control At the end of the day, our analysts are people too and our AI is still learning! To make sure we are providing the most reliable results across our entire product suite, we continually perform spot checks and tests to improve our performance. Every aspect from our sources to our published reports undergoes regular QA testing and updating so we can ensure you are getting the very best.

Rock Solid Reputation A sterling reputation is worth more than a multi billion dollar assessment. Keep your name in the good graces of the media by properly vetting all investments before you sign on the dotted line. Financial crime and fraud is more rampant than ever. Don’t let the FOMO on hot stocks prevent you from performing proper due diligence. A tarnished reputation is almost impossible to wipe clean, take the necessary steps now with Intelligo and prevent any possible short sightedness down the road. 

Social Media Analytics Intelligo also offers social media analysis so you can vet any business or individual’s online presence at every touchpoint. Our service analyzes seven social networks, using 14 parameters of flags, scouring for hate speech, political speech, drugs and alcohol, sexual content, and more. Any objectionable posts are flagged and pulled to provide you with a complete snapshot of any social presence.   

Turnaround Time Intelligo is an industry leader for report turnaround times. There is no reason to delay your investment because you’re waiting on the background check results. With Intelligo you can rest assured that you’ll receive your comprehensive reports in record time. 

Upgrade with Ease Once you’ve entered a subject into the Intelligo platform, you’ll never need to do so again. Upgrades and refreshes are ordered with a couple of easy clicks to save you time and allow you to focus on growing your investments instead of admin work. 

Verify Our reports include verification of your subject’s claims to who they are- where they went to school and where they have worked in the past. If you need more comprehensive verification, we offer a Manual Employment Verification that allows us to reach out to previous employers to be doubly sure you have the correct information. 

Workflows Manage your entire workflow on our secure and collaborative platform that aggregates all reports and lets you decide who has access to them. Tailor your workspace for your needs by creating teams, scheduling refreshes, assigning action items to team members, controlling your flags, and more. 

Xerox, Fax, 50 Page PDFs?  Things of the past! Intelligo’s secure platform is your one stop shop, organizing all your information in an easy to navigate digital hub so you can find exactly what you’re looking for even when you’re on the go. 

Your Invoices, Simplified We understand that admin tasks can drain away your precious time. Intelligo is set up to minimize your lift by splitting  your invoices by project, making things easier for you and your billing team. 

Zoom In On What’s Important Between our flag system, unresolved action items, executive summary on all reports we help you zoom in on the critical information so you don’t waste time wading through the fluff. 

Take the Next Step with Intelligo Now that you’ve studied the ins and outs of Intelligo’s services, schedule a demo today and our sales team will assist you in formulating the perfect package of products to suit your specific needs. 

Background checks tailored to your business needs.

Companies of all sizes, from boutique investment firms to global asset allocators, use Intelligo for all their background check and continuous monitoring needs.

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