Best Practices in Due Diligence Background Checks

November 10, 2022
Best Practices in Due Diligence Background Checks

A Best Practices Playbook

Background checks are a crucial part of the due diligence process—as they identify potential risks posed by a company or its personnel, laying out all the information before investors so they can make more informed decisions.

This best practices playbook is a resource to properly navigate this essential step in the due diligence process. It should equip investors with sufficient knowledge about using background checks to make well-informed decisions as well as provide insight as to how to best implement these practices.

In this Playbook, you’ll find answers to things like:

  • Choosing the Right Type of Report

  • The Optimal Time to Run a Check

  • Determining the Subject of the Background Check

  • Implementing Flags into Final Decisions

  • Best Workflow and Collaboration Practices

  • Post-Investment Checks and Monitoring

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