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Continuous Monitoring for Investments, Companies, and Employees

The risks don't end on decision day. Feel as confident as you were on day one with continuous monitoring for financial and behavioral risks, powered by AI.

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How it works

We use AI to monitor thousands of data sources – from social media to news to criminal databases – so you can have up-to-date alerts of potential risk 24/7 right in your dashboard.

Intelligo Continuous Monitoring offers:

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Accurate Results

Filtering out false information and keywords that could cause confusion or present misleading updates amidst piles of data.

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Low Noise Levels

Leveraging artificial intelligence to remove duplicates and alert only once for every new piece of information.

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Extensive Coverage

Covering multiple data sources for each data type to make sure no relevant piece of information is missed.

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Unparalleled User Experience

Allowing the user to add and change flags, view datasources, and manage the workflow process.

“What we love about the Monitoring tool is that it enables us to make strategic decisions sooner rather than later. The live alerts keep us up-to-date with the latest developments and allow us to continue tracking activity after performing the background check.”

- Samantha Kane, Director, Operational Due Diligence at Alternative Investment Management, LLC

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AI working for you 24/7

Live AI algorithms constantly review thousands of datasets, remove false alerts, and identify patterns to find all relevant information, ensuring better risk management through a confidence score for each data point.

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See how Intelligo's Continuous Monitoring can work for you.