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Make confident decisions in key hires. Our platform reviews thousands of data sources to provide you a comprehensive understanding of who you are hiring, so you can build a strong executive team.


How it works

Discover all of your candidate background checks in one centralized, easy-to-use dashboard. See red and yellow flags for potential risk factors at-a-glace, and dive deeper into any red flag to learn more.

Sources analyzed per search
Risks flagged
Adverse media flags uncovered

Comprehensive and compliant

Hiring is a collaborative process between you and your potential new hire. We take the burden of candidate consent forms and FCRA compliance off your shoulders to expedite the background check process and fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intelligo provides the fastest, most comprehensive individual and company background checks, by combining the power of AI with human insights. We have three primary offerings: investment due diligence, continuous monitoring, and executive background checks.

Our approach to due diligence gives you a comprehensive report of all risk and history associated with investments and individuals – neatly packaged in your own interactive dashboard. From criminal and employment history to social media monitoring and financial reporting, our technology and our team surface all of the relevant information so you can confidently assess investments and individuals. Among the thousands of databases we comb are: criminal, legal, financial, sanctions, news, and social media.

We have a variety of reports that offer coverage across the following categories: legal, regulatory, adverse media, liens, professional history, assets domestic and global, social media, credit checks, and anti-money laundering. Book a demo with us today to discover which Intelligo report is right for you.

Think of background checks as a kind of due diligence. Due diligence refers to the broader spectrum of research and risk assessment associated with individuals and investments. Our background checks help you vet key executive hires and surface criminal, financial, news, and other relevant histories so you can feel confident in building your team.

Our proprietary technology leverages AI to comb thousands of databases in hours (not days!) to send you timely and trusted reports on investments and executives. From there, you have the ability to tap our team for a layer of human analysis, which offers you the most thorough and vetted due diligence, and helps hone in on any areas flagged by our software.

Pre-hiring background checks

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“What I love about Intelligo is that they triangulate data from a number of different sources, ensuring that the information is accurate and providing a lot more detail on the report than other background check providers.”

- Vincent Taurassi, General Counsel at Sentinel Capital Partners


Linkedin Lipstick – Who’s Lying and How to Spot It

A LinkedIn presence has become essential. But when users can change their profiles at a whim, how much can we trust what we read? We used the latest in AI-powered background checking tools to review executive LinkedIn profiles, revealing just how reliable LinkedIn profiles can be in today’s world.


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